Sunday, July 24, 2016

A thoughtful penance

At confession the other day my pastor asked me once again to pray the our father slowly, thinking about each sentence and then to pray the Hail Mary and offer it up for those who have no one to pray for.

As I was praying each sentence of the Lords prayer, I thought about what that sentence meant and what Jesus wanted us to pray for.
Our father who art in heaven:  that means that he is somewhere our Lord and Creator is somewhere he is he exists and he's there for us.

Hallowed be thy name means that he is holy, he is set apart; that he is so much more than we know or can comprehend.

Thy kingdom come thy will be done:  his kingdom exists and he's in charge!  Our holy, amazingly more than we could ever imagine creator,  and holy father is here and he's in charge!  We don't have to worry about being here by ourselves because our holy father will care for us.
On earth as it is in heaven:  means here and there....wherever heaven is. Again, he is in charge and we don't have to worry!

Give us this day our daily bread:  our holy father knows what we need.  We don't need to worry about our needs, God has our backs.

And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us
Boy, this one is the most difficult phrase of all!  We Will be forgiven AS we forgive those around us.

As we forgive those who trespass against us.....  Hard, but a must.  I had s priest tell me once that if I have a problem forgiving that person how can you expect to be forgiven yourself?    Oh yeah....

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.   God will protect us snd we only need to ask!.

Amen, simply means so be it, in other words, it is so, I believe

There's a great deal to think about in this one prayer.   It also sums up all that we need, too.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Why didn't we know about this!!???

Saturday, July 2, 2016

What's in a Name?

So our middle child got married a month ago and since then has had to do all the name changing stuff to get her new life started.  It really has been a transition for the whole family, even if she lives across town, it's a big change.  My ability to move with the times isn't my forte and even my boss told me that earlier this year with my review...."You don't do well with change." speaking about all the new rules of retail incentives in the job.  Anyway, my daughter getting married while still in college at the young age of 21 has been a struggle for me, but we supported her as you can see by my previous post and wish them well in their lives together.

The other day she invited me to take a zumba class with her at the gym her husband and she joined.  I accepted and met her there ready to zumba away.  She was all made up and pretty, so I asked her, you wear make up to work out?  She said, "No, i had to get a new license and today I had my picture made."  Oh, you are now officially (our last name and her new married name)!  She said no, I dropped my last name and kept my middle name.  My jaw dropped, my heart went into my throat.....I was floored.  I asked her why would you do that?  She said, I'm not discussing this with you, it's my decision."  I stood there for a moment, feeling blown away, speechless, and then realizing I couldn't go through with the class, picked up my stuff and left.

Over the past 4 days I have been struggling to understand why she would drop the name that is her history, that represents her grandfather, her own daddy, as well as the family of her origin.  Why she would be happy with removing a name that was her home, family, and the love she received from it.  My husband wasn't as upset as I was, but still he was upset. I don't know....I just can't get this way of thinking.  She says she didn't want 2 last names and that a name doesn't mean the same anymore...that she will always be from our family, she just doesn't have to have it as her name.

I don't get it......I really don't......

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Bride, the Dress, and a Wedding

There is nothing like a woman decked in lace to show how amazingly feminine and elegant she can be.
Princes Grace (Kelly)
Our daughter got married last week in a whirlwind of events and emotions. A full year ago she picked out her dress and her father and I were impressed.  It is simply gorgeous and elegant, but it has shoulders, a full bodice, and a detailed back that sets off her lovely figure without giving it away. She, her sister, new sister-in-law, and a friend went dress shopping one day between classes and found this dress in a little bridal boutique I had never heard of.   After looking through all the big bridal shops and only finding the same old...same old strapless, cleavage showing, drab, she found her dream dress off the beaten path. These days, modesty is something that has just about gone out the door in formal wear.  If only women could realize just how enchanting they are with more lace and less skin, how soft, feminine, and elegant she can be.  Every other dress, these days, is a strapless dress, showing WAY too much cleavage, which, in our opinion, completely defeats the whole reason for the white dress in the first place!

It was so refreshing to see Kate Middleton in her lacy wedding gown with such class and femininity.  Princess Grace was breathtaking in her lace and cumber-bun gown.  Both these ladies were in the public eye and in positions of royalty, class, prestige, but most of all wanted to be gracefully feminine. Our daughter is a stunning, tall young lady with brains and common sense, so when she got engaged, she knew just what she wanted....a small simple wedding and a special dress that describes her to a "T".  She has never been a show out, her talent behind the violin was enough revealing a skill that surpassed many, she played at weddings, funerals, nearly every Sunday Mass for years and occasionally at the senior living communities where her grandmothers lived.  Have I already mentioned that she is stunning?

Anyway, she isn't the type that had details up the hilt, driving everyone crazy with wanting this and that....oh isn't that being a bridezilla?  No, she doesn't have that need to be a walking nightmare, quite the opposite.  In fact, sometime in January, I said to my husband, isn't there supposed to be a wedding this year?  Tracking our daughter down, who was in the midst of a 3-year trek in college, achieving a 3.875 GPA, with a boyfriend, and a couple of part-time jobs, was hard enough.  We finally sat down with her and all she wanted was a simple wedding with family some friends and a Mass.  Oh and..."Mom, could you make the cake?"

When the bridal party was decided upon and the priest on the calendar, we began to figure out what needed to be planned for the invitations and reception.  Our daughter sat down and designed her invitations and had them printed, lists gathered from both families and we ended up inviting nearly 100 people, which was a lot....given they just wanted a small wedding.   A cake for 100 people!!  For decorations, our daughter came up with a shabby chic style and we bought all the paper goods from the dollar store, table cloths included and she was happily saving us was so easy! Burlap, canning jars, and ribbon with a flair of peacock feathers were the decor; a dear friend who knew a lady who owned a peacock brought me 40 feathers, all amazingly gorgeous.

My husband decided to brew a couple of beers for the reception, and surprised us with special labels for them for each bottle, I baked the cake a month ahead of the wedding and decorated it the day before the wedding.

Everything came together from the rehearsal and dinner to the wedding and reception.  We were most surprised to have our relatives from Germany come for the event which was an event all in its self!  We enjoyed meeting Kurt and Brigitte and celebrating family memories with them.  My cousin came with her husband and lots of out-of-town family on the grooms side attended, too. It all couldn't have been a more wonderful, hectic, but wonderful time for our family.  It was a wonderful day.
Our youngest daughter, my husband, our bride and groom, me, our daughter-in-law, and our son

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

This That and the Other Thing: Review: Rachel's Contrition

Here's is a book review on a book I also read and enjoyed it.   

This That and the Other Thing: Review: Rachel's Contrition: Rachel's Contrition About the Book: Rachel Winters had nothing, won it all, and then lost everything After the death of h...

Friday, May 20, 2016


Shhhhhh!  Tonight, probably for the last time...ever, all my children are under my roof...asleep.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

God's Not Dead, 1 and 2

My husband and I went to both movies, "God's Not Dead" and both were terrific with amazingly real messages.  In the first movie, it takes place at a college where a philosophy professor makes all the students sign a piece of paper saying that God is dead and sign it in order to eradicate this issue from any class discussions in the future.  To my surprise every single student obeys this professor, except one.  As the story goes along, this student ends up sacrificing lots of people, friendships and even family in order to stay true to his convictions.  A true social martyr of modern times, indeed.   There are those who would never consider, when the going gets to close for comfort, to stand by their own values and beliefs.

The second movie, God Is Not Dead 2, takes place in a public high school.  Some of the original characters return, but there are new ones that I think you will love, Pat Boone, for one.  A teacher, answers a student's question during a discussion about Martin Luther King asking that in comparison, Jesus spoke about the same things in the same way.  The teach agreed and quoted a few scripture verses and went on with the class.  Another student tattled, and the teacher was put on administrative leave without pay and faced a trial.

The young attorney assigned to the case to defend the teacher realized during the middle of the trial that it was not to prove she didn't to anything wrong, it was to prove that God is Not dead, that he truly is alive and truly lived in those days and truly said, taught, and preached these teachings about Christianity.  Not to spoil the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it, I will end  my details about the movie here, but go on to say that this has and will continue to happen in our cities across this nation if we don't get a handle on it now. 

There are way too many of us who know without a doubt that God is alive and kicking ass where He needs to in the world.  There are way too many people who feel His presence in their lives daily, if not hourly.  There are way too may people who are giving up their lives in the service of Jesus Christ every day completely elated and spiritually charged living for him to ignore. 

"God's not dead, he's surly alive, he's living on the inside, roaring like a lion,

At the end of each movie, the News Boys come out and sing God's Not Dead and asks everyone who believes that God is not dead, to text everyone they know that God is NOT Dead.  Well, I got excited each time and texted a few of my people....if you didn't get a text, I'm sorry, I meant to text you, but just didn't have your number......sigh

Please do go see this movie, if you haen't seen the first one, that's ok, you won't lose much if you only see this one for now.  It is a great movie, good acting, and believe me, it is a great message that needs to be spread far and wide!!   See the movie!! and text me, if you have my number!